Bulgarian fraggers's semi anarchy server can bring you the experience no cracked anarchy server can
as everything is allowed except for cheating
You will not get banned for cheating however as there is an anticheat that only blocks you from moving/interacting
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What Types of Games and Gameplay Does Bulgarian Fraggers Offer?

Bulgarian Fraggers, as a Minecraft server, boasts a variety of game modes and gameplay styles, distinguishing itself within the Minecraft community. Players on Bulgarian Fraggers can immerse themselves in an array of engaging experiences, including Anarchy Cracked PvP Survival Vanilla modes.

What Kind of Clients Does Bulgarian Fraggers Support?

Bulgarian Fraggers primarily supports desktop machines, providing an optimized Minecraft experience for players using PCs. With a focus on delivering an immersive and feature-rich gameplay environment tailored for larger screens and enhanced controls, Bulgarian Fraggers ensures that PC players can enjoy all the benefits of the server's offerings.

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