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Discover the top listed Manhunt Servers. Our list of the best Manhunt servers ensures you get the best survival and fighting experience.

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What is a Manhunt Minecraft server?

Manhunt Minecraft servers feature a hardcore-type experience, where players are spawned in a small predefined world and must survive. It features a high-risk survival experience as players will need to hide, and develop quickly, before engaging in fierce PvP battles. Eliminated players in manhunt get disqualified and cannot rejoin the server until the game has finished.

What is the best Manhunt Minecraft Server?

These are the best Manhunt play servers, which include high player counts daily. We have conducted a huge list of all playable servers in Minecraft, which are hard-core dedicated.

Can I join every popular Manhunt Minecraft Server?

You can join each Minecraft Manhunt server using Java or the Bedrock version. For compatibility with clients, please refer to the information about a certain server.