Creative Minecraft Servers

Discover the top listed Creative Minecraft Servers. Our list of the best Creative Servers in the world will make sure you get the most experience while using the creative game mode.

Creative Servers


The Forgotten Minecraft server banner

Online 24/7 (not hosted on aternos) Lands-based server - Claim land, mine in peace! Heroes added! PvP is allowed everywhere but Spawn, and...

The Forgotten

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GFB Network Minecraft server banner

GFB Network is a Medieval Fantasy themed vanilla network. We currently have a vanilla+ and creative server, with more in...

GFB Network

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ArcherMC Minecraft server banner

Welcome to ArcherMC. Our server has the friendliest community on Minecraft. We're a Network that offers the best of the...


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What are Creative Servers Minecraft?

Creative servers are specific and feature a special game mode, where you can obtain all in-game items. While survival servers have unobtainable items, creative game mode removes this restriction. Such servers are usually meant for project building, build battles, or having fun with friends.

What are the best Creative Minecraft servers?

These are the best to play creative servers, which include high player counts on a daily basis. Creative servers also feature numerous mods, and receive twice as many updates.

Can I join every Creative Server?

You can join each creative server by using either Java or Bedrock version. For compatibility with clients, please refer to the information about a certain server.