Frequently Asked Questions

What is MinecraftTopzone

We specialize in providing a Minecraft server list that aims to enhance the playerbase of server owners by offering an effortless way for players to discover and connect with their servers.

Adding Your Server

If you're a registered user, head to the 'Account' section and select 'Add Server.' Fill in the required details, and there you go – your server is added successfully!

Votifier Support

We fully support votifier!

No Banner? No Problem!

If you don't have a banner, leave the field empty. We've got a default banner that kicks in when no image is provided.

Possible Errors When Adding Your Advertise

Encountering an error? It might be due to:

  • Your banner not meeting the size requirements. Check the dimensions!
  • No tokens added to your account. Ensure you've got sufficient tokens.
  • Banners are temporarily locked. Try again later.
  • Incorrect URL entry. Double-check the provided URL.

Banner Rejection?

If your banner is rejected, it might be the wrong size. Ensure it's 468*60. Both images and animations are accepted.

Voting Frequency

You can vote for a server once every 12 hours.

Error Adding Your Server?

Possible causes:

  • If your server is offline, bring it online before adding.
  • Ensure you provide a valid IP address or Port.

If these don't resolve your issue, contact us on the Contact Page. We're here to help.

Using Promo Codes

After logging in, navigate to 'My Account' in the navigation bar and select 'Redeem.' Enter your promo code to enjoy exclusive benefits!

Unanswered Questions?

Drop us a message via the Contact Page!