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What is a server MOTD?

MOTD stands for Message Of The Day and is widely used by professional Minecraft servers. It can be used to display any server updates, or statuses, which players might be interested in seeing. A Minecraft server MOTD can be up to 59 characters (320 pixels). Anything above the limit will not be shown to users.

How many MOTD can I generate for free?

The Minecraft MOTD Generator is completely free and does not include any paid versions for the moment. You can generate unlimited texts, without any subscription prompts.

How to change the MOTD on my Minecraft server?

To change your Message Of The Day, you will need to access your Minecraft server config, and locate the part on the bottom where it says “motd=A Minecraft server”. After the equal sign (=), you can make changes or simply paste the code received from the MOTD Creator.

Last update: 29.02.2024