GTA Minecraft Servers

Discover the widest selection of listed Minecraft GTAServers. Our list of the top Grand Theft Auto servers will make sure you get the best of the Minecraft GTA-like experience.

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What is the best GTA Minecraft server?

Our list contains only the best GTA servers in Minecraft. Each of these servers is unique and is considered the best in its game mode.

Can you play GTA on Minecraft?

You can totally play Grand Theft Auto in Minecraft. With the selection we have provided, you can find the best GTA Minecraft servers to play right now.

What are GTA Minecraft Servers?

GTA Minecraft servers are a specific genre, which is a combination between Minecraft and GTA (Grand Theft Auto). While it looks like a mod, GTA Minecraft Servers are solely run with plugins and special textures, to provide you with guns, jobs, and vehicles.