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Discover the top listed Anarchy Minecraft Servers. Our list of the best Minecraft Anarchy Servers in the world, where you can survive without following server rules.

Anarchy Servers


Fusion Network

Players count 26 active players

Fusion Network is an...


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Bulgarian Fraggers

Players count 0 active players

Bulgarian fraggers's semi anarchy...


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What is an anarchy server?

Minecraft anarchy servers are those, which have no rules set. In these types of servers players are allowed to cheat, modded clients, and destroy, as the server admins allow them. Typically, anarchy and semi-anarchy servers are not newbie-friendly and are recommended for veteran players only.

What is the best anarchy Minecraft Server?

These are the best to play anarchy servers, which include high player counts on a daily basis. We have conducted a huge list of all playable servers in Minecraft, which are dedicated to the anarchy genre and do not have rule lists or bans involved..

Can I join every popular anarchy Minecraft Server?

You can join each Minecraft anarchy server by using either Java or Bedrock version. For compatibility with clients, please refer to the information about a certain server.