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Discover the widest selection of listed Minecraft Towny Servers. Our list of the top town creation servers will make sure you get the best of the Towny experience.

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What is the #1 Minecraft server?

Our list contains only the best Towny servers in Minecraft. Each of these servers is unique and is considered the best in its game mode.

What is a towny server in Minecraft?

Towny is a specific Minecraft server with land management. This means you can claim your own land and become the mayor of a large village or city.

How does towny work?

Towny is a town/village-based Minecraft plugin, which is based on nations and allows their creations. It features a hierarchical type of experience where the mayor is the highest in rank, and the villagers the lowest. In Towny, players can climb ranks by getting promoted or demoted for bad activity by the Mayor.