If your domain name doesn't work, try your IP address.

What is a Vote Tester?

Votifier testers are used to check if your Minecraft Votifier plugin is set to receive votes and distribute rewards. By voting on server lists, you are entitled to get rewards.

What kind of rewards can players get?

Rewards are chosen by the server owners, and each time someone votes for a server is entitled to receive a reward. These rewards could be points, in-game items, crates, keys or money.

How do I install Votifier on my Minecraft server?

To install Votifier, you will need to download the plugin from Spigot or Bukkit, and follow the installation instructions.

How to test voting on my Server?

To test if voting is set, fill out the IP address or domain name of your Minecraft server. Next, add the port your Minecraft server responds to, and paste your public voting key.

With this information, Votifier can be tested if voting has been enabled on the server, and provide players with rewards.

The Votifier tester tool will verify the information submitted and give you results based on the setup. If Votifier was not set properly, you will need to configure your plugin accordingly.