Hunger Games Minecraft Servers

Discover the widest selection of listed Minecraft Hunger Games Servers. Our list of the top Minecraft Survival games servers will make sure you get the best of the Minecraft hunger games experience.

Hunger Games Servers


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What Server has Hunger Games?

All of the servers listed contain Hunger Games as a Minecraft minigame. With that said, you can choose the best Hunger Games Minecraft server and have an enjoyable gameplay.

What is Hunger Games called in Minecraft?

Hunger Games in Minecraft is also known as survival games. It is a Minecraft game mode inspired by the famous movie “The Hunger Games”. Nowadays, hundreds of minigame servers offer the popular Hunger Games minigame in Minecraft.

How old is Minecraft Hunger Games?

The Minecraft Hunger Games servers originate from way back in 2012. The first server that had ever released the survival games minigame used to call it Battle Royal. With time, the minigame adjusted its name and became Hunger games.