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Discover the top-listed Prison Servers. Our list of the best Prison servers ensures you get the best life experience.

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WELCOME TO THE CZ NETWORKCZ NETWORK is a high-quality unique network with a amazing community and a owner who has...

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Welcome to ArcherMC. Our server has the friendliest community on Minecraft. We're a Network that offers the best of the...


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What is a Prison Minecraft server?

Minecraft prison servers feature a small closed map, where players must join different levels and mine to earn currencies. With the earned currencies, players can start advancing to higher levels. Once advanced, players can start earning new gear and shift through levels quickly. Prison servers also feature PvP modes, where players can strive to win and earn better gear in the battleground.

What is the best Prison Minecraft Server?

These are the best Prison play servers, which include high player counts daily. We have conducted a huge list of all playable servers in Minecraft, which are hard-core dedicated.

Can I join every popular Prison Minecraft Server?

You can join each Minecraft Prison server using Java or Bedrock versions. For compatibility with clients, please refer to the information about a certain server.