Online 24/7 (not hosted on aternos)
Lands-based server - Claim land, mine in peace!
mcMMO added!
PvP is allowed everywhere but Spawn, and towns that disable it.
Slimefun was added to give more options to play!
Craftable Saddles to get your horse riding on!
Jobs at the spawn point!
Shops for purchase at the spawn point!
Survival and Creative worlds!
Java and Bedrock work!
Honey pistons - Use honey instead of slime! They're both sticky!
Dynamic Map to see what's where!
Start off with a backpack!
Death boxes - Don't worry your stuff will be safe for you when you die!
Better Farming - Automate your farming!
Crazy Enchantments for you to play with! Get some speed boosting!
Our own skin server!
And more!

We are also currently hiring staff! Visit to apply!

Tags: Creative Economy PvE PvP Survival


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