Hi, this is a old bulgaria server !
Server will be survivalPvP , but for now is SMP
If someone want to be a STAFF, need to applicate!
Events every Monday, join in discord group for more info! Every donate,help, will be going for server!

What Types of Games and Gameplay Does EnderCraft | REBORN Offer?

EnderCraft | REBORN, as a Minecraft server, boasts a variety of game modes and gameplay styles, distinguishing itself within the Minecraft community. Players on EnderCraft | REBORN can immerse themselves in an array of engaging experiences, including SMP modes.

What Kind of Clients Does EnderCraft | REBORN Support?

EnderCraft | REBORN primarily supports desktop machines, providing an optimized Minecraft experience for players using PCs. With a focus on delivering an immersive and feature-rich gameplay environment tailored for larger screens and enhanced controls, EnderCraft | REBORN ensures that PC players can enjoy all the benefits of the server's offerings.

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