Enjoy! Production Team! Java / Bedrock v1.21


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Server supports PC Java and Windows Edition, PSN, Xbox, Switch, and Mobile! We're an 18+ community. We make videos, feature builds and definitely like getting to know players. We've got a great community and we'd be glad if you'd like to come join us!

Dynmap: https://chunktv.com/dynmap

Chunk TV! is a YouTube Creator and Streamer since 2009!
Production Team! is our Minecraft server!

Rules: Respect Admins
Play fair
I'm not even going to list things like no spamming because that's common sense.
Disputes will be moderated via in-world Court.

Server Location: U.S. East
Owner: Chunk_TV

Also please like our FB page for updates and easy contact with owners and admin! facebook.com/chunktvproductionteam

What Types of Games and Gameplay Does Chunk TV Production Team Offer?

Chunk TV Production Team, as a Minecraft server, boasts a variety of game modes and gameplay styles, distinguishing itself within the Minecraft community. Players on Chunk TV Production Team can immerse themselves in an array of engaging experiences, including Bukkit Creative Economy PvE PvP Survival Vanilla Crossplay modes.

What Kind of Clients Does Chunk TV Production Team Support?

Chunk TV Production Team supports a wide range of clients, catering to desktop, mobile, and other platforms. It is a Crossplay server, ensuring seamless compatibility across different devices and operating systems. Whether you're playing on a desktop computer, a mobile device, or another platform, Chunk TV Production Team provides an inclusive and accessible Minecraft experience for all players.

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