Hi I see you looking at the description of PhoenixBlazing!!
Our server is currently on the latest version of Pixelmon-Reforged 1.16.5 & Biomes You'll Go!
Want to learn how to install and play click here! : https://youtu.be/oKVsyht6P1M

Who are we & what do we provide?
PhoenixBlazing Pixelmon is a close nit area where you can play pixelmon together & with friends, as well as actually be heard! We constantly provide community polls and of course listen to all suggestions no matter how small! We have tons of custom content like Dungeons,Gyms, Daily quests & events, 1000+ Custom Form Pokemon , & so much more, so come on down and see for yourself!!!!

Links & Info!
Discord: https://discord.gg/phoenixblazing
Wiki: https://phoenixblazing.gitbook.io/untitled/

Tags: Dungeons Economy Minigames Pixelmon PvP Roleplay Survival


  • 12/100 Players
  • 1.20.2 Version
  • Yes Online
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